▫️What is HYPS token

The HYPS token is the native token of the Hypersea protocol. It serves as a governance token, giving holders the right to participate in key decisions related to the protocol's development and management. HYPS holders can vote on proposals related to updates, upgrades, and improvements to the protocol, as well as changes to the underlying smart contracts.

As the same time HYPS token represents a fractional ownership (although only through the voting power) in the diversified cryptocurrency basket known as Protocol Active Treasury (PAT). The PAT provides liquidity for the Hypersea DEX and potentially generates profits from trades. Through holding HYPS, users can gain exposure to the diversified cryptocurrency basket, and potentially benefit from the profits generated by the liquidity provision on the exchange.

The HYPS token is unique in that it is quasi-stable, with a stabilization mechanism that potentially generates profits. It can be treated as a non-direct liquidity token that is backed by PAT and earns revenue. Through diversification, the value of the HYPS token is designed to remain low-volatile. In addition, the HYPS token serves as an index for cryptocurrency with profitability from liquidity provision. This unique properties of HYPS are reinforced by the Continuous Coin Offering (CCO) mechanism, which ensures better coverage of HYPS with reserves from other currencies.

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